Wednesday, October 8, 2008



On our way to Hood River, we come upon a very serious traffic accident in which one car has apparently rolled several times. The roof is caved in, the doors are buckling outwards, all the windows are shattered, and like all mothers everywhere, I am paralyzed with fear at the idea of answering the questions I know will be coming any second. Which they always do.

Megan- "Mommy! What happened to that car?!"
The Other Two- "Yeah! Woah! LOOK AT THAT!"
Me, trying to be serious, but not too serious,- "Well, they had an accident, honey. It looks like they rolled their car."
All children- "Rolled their car?! How did they do that!?"
Me, regretting I'd said anything- "Well, sometimes if you're going too fast and turn too sharply, the car can roll over and over." (I believe in truth at all times)
*There is silence in the backseat for a number of seconds..., finally, very matter-of-factly, Megan pipes up,
"Well, I bet those people are either dead or dizzy."

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