Tuesday, September 30, 2008



At dinnertime tonight-

Noah- "Mommy, I'm not going to have kids."
Me- "Really?"
Noah- "No, I'm not. It's true."
Me- " Ok"
Megan- " Well, ok, Noah. But you won't have anybody to play with."
Summer- "No, but he WILL have peace."


rebecca said...

How true are the words that children speak! I laughed out loud when i read Summers' remark! Oh, that was funny. Peace, what is that anyway?

klyn said...

But, it is a peace that is only there until that first tinge of old age arrives and he realizes that he will definitely (as opposed to only maybe if he had his own kids) have to 1) rely on his sisters' offspring to care for him in old age, 2) spend all that money he amassed by not spending it on his children's needs on a care facility that isn't always as kind and compassionate as he would hope, or 3) start adopting!

Anonymous said...

wait - HOW old is summer? is she seven, or five? and how did she attain such wisdom at such a tender age?? bwa!hahahah...

Jessica said...

Well Tell Summer Auntie Jessica said, "AH-MEN SISTER!"
And then I laughed a lot.
Snorted, even.

Jessica said...

Hey - email me about NaNoWriMo - you should totally do that.
Because of all your spare time, you know.