Wednesday, October 8, 2008



Just today, Noah appears behind me at my desk and leans over my shoulder. Examining the text of an email I'm working on, he notices all the lovely little places where spell-check has so kindly flagged my failures and asks,
"Mommy, did Jesus send you an email?!" (He's very excited)
"No, why?"
"Because Jesus always writes in red!"

Apparently, 'Words of Jesus in red' is true in all varieties of literature, at least in the estimation of a 4 year old.


Jodi said...

Well isn't he just one smart cookie! I love your kids. :)

Alright lady, so when the heck are you guys coming to town next?!?!?!?! The next time you set your pretty little foot in Portland you call me, ya hear? :)


klyn said...

What's up with the cute kid comments all the sudden - com'n, I want to hear about the rest of your Yucatan experience!
Although I do believe the telling gets better as the distance from the event increases...
Okay, so the kid stories are great, too.

I could be paranoid and say that the red underlining is just one more example of how the world takes a Christian "thing" and makes it into something negative - but then I begin to wonder who started putting Jesus' words in red anyway and must go on over to Wikipedia to see what some person has posted on that subject for me...

meliken said...

Ok, ok- Yucatan Wednesday's ARE coming back to the blog, I promise. The creative muse cannot be forced, try tho I might...
I'm actually working on the first chapter of what I hope will someday-before-I-die, turn into an actual book! (Can't talk further....might jinx it)

In the mean time, Jodi- we might be able to do a trip in November sometime????? Plans for Thanksgiving???

rebecca said...

That really is hilarious. I am so looking forward to when Nikolas actually starts saying more than two words at a time so I have some fun kid phrases to blog.
Keep 'em coming!