Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cancun Bound

Palm Tree on the Beach

Well, it looks like it's actually happening! We've been talking about taking another trip this year and heading down to the Yucatan peninsula somewhere for a few days just to refresh, relax and kick back. Our trip to Cabo was so amazing last year that we couldn't wait to go again. And so, in a moment of madness, I went ahead and booked it! We hadn't even decided for sure yet, and as everyone does, we certainly have other things that our money could be spent on- but we're only young once, and, well- we just wanted to. It must be part of this whole Growing-Up-And-Realizing-We're-The-Master-Of-Our-Fate' thing we're going through. Frankly, I like it.
We leave in September, after the kids have started school- (my wonderful mother has offered to watch them for us while we're away)- and we'll be gone for a whole week, doing nothing, drinking pina coladas, lying in the sun, snorkeling, etc. I absolutely CANNOT wait.
I seriously think I blocked out the part of last years vacation in which we boarded the plane to come home because I can't remember it at all...I do remember walking into the rain covered terminal at PDX when we arrived home though, and Ryan LITERALLY talking me through the airport..."Honey, keep walking. What are you stopping for?"
"I don't want to go home. I'm going to get back on the plane."
"You can't get back on the plane. And even if you did, you'd still be in Portland."
"They might take me back."
"No they wouldn't"
"How do you know?! I hate you."
"You're right. You should try to get back on the plane. You never know. They might take you back."
This remark was followed by other rude comments from me and I will refrain from posting them as they do not paint me in an altogether flattering light. Needless to say, I underwent some 'post-vacation blue's' which literally took me weeks to come out of. If one considers that I have been a mother since I was 18 years old and had never left home before that- and then was swamped to my red-rimmed eyeballs with baby after baby and diaper after diaper for 7 years...then one has a much easier time understanding why it was difficult for me to leave a tropical vacation where frothy beverages and white sand beaches were readily available.
At any rate- it is my humble opinion that couples need to play together as often as possible, and so we're doing just that in a little fishing village called Puerto Juarez just north of Cancun in a short 11 weeks. Woo-hoo!!
As a fun way to prep you all for the Cancun trip- because you know I'll be blogging from there- I'm going to begin posting short anecdotes from our Cabo trip last fall. This should be amazingly interesting for all of us, as you'll all get a much more descriptive idea of our journey south of the border with mom and dad K.
I notice my creative and amazingly inventive sister-in-law,JK, regularly posts Menu Plan Monday's, something I'll never be able to do as it would look a lot like a McDonalds Drive through Menu- however, I'll do something a little more up my alley and post 'Baja Tuesday's- a journey through hilarity'. This is going to be so good.... I'm laughing already.


Anonymous said...

ooooh, fun!! that sounds awesome.

geordie and i are the only people in each of our immediate families who have *never* been to hawaii. i'm seriously thinking this is where we should spend a christmas some miserable, rainy year. which would be.. oh, nearly all of them. we did get snow On The Day this last year, so i can't be sorry i missed that, i guess.

why did i think you were 19 when you had megan? hm.. i must just not be paying attention.

i didn't get out of the country on my own 'til i was damn near thirty. and i didn't have any short blonde roadblocks in my life. you're doing pretty good, sister.

meliken said...

Well, I suppose I'm considering being pregnant as actually 'having' a child as she was definitely a known presence and daily interrupted my life, what with the constant throwing up and,yes- she was birthed when I was 19, conceived at 18. Good memory, I tell ya!
Absolutely agreed on the Hawaii for Christmas thing. I've never been either!