Monday, June 2, 2008


Isn't that the way everyone carries a kid?
No? Hm. I don't know what to say about that- except that we all had a pretty good time in spite of Summer's inverted point of view. Ryan's parent's came up this past weekend to visit and we took a trip over to Horse thief Lake for a few hours. The weather was decent (which means it didn't rain on us) and the kids were so grateful to get out of the house!
I broke my new cooking rule and BBQ'd ribs and made a cobbler- but it was a really easy meal, so I don't think it counts. And also it was MY rule and I can break it if I want to.

Dave and Eileen were resplendent as always and the whole thing was reminiscent of Cabo and our fun times together. Our question remains; when in the world are they going to retire and move away from Portland's RAIN??


klyn said...

Hey Melissa,
Rebecca's sister here - thanks for sharing your heart as you do! I so was the old 18, 19, and 20s year old. It was finally nice to act my age (okay, maybe less than my age) the past few years!


Chelsea said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Well except for Summer, but at least the men knew how to hold her. Ha Ha

I need to check this place out with my family too. I love that it doesn't require packing the car for the entire weekend to go there.

I am very glad you decided to rephrase your previous statement about cooking....(cooking only when you want to) With that said, I hope you are finding a way to make that tortellini dish and cobbler over a campfire :) You know you WANT to!!

meliken said...

Hey Kellie!
What fun hearing from you! I seriously doubt we're the only moms who feel this way from time to time!
I love that you're checking out my blog occasionally (or at least checked it out this time)! Keep in touch :)

Chelsea- whatev' Yo.