Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Annual Father's Day Camping Trip

Ok, well, first- In our defense- this picture was taken on day 3 of the trip when we'd been sandblasted on the beach by wind, pummeled by children, had had no sleep in 2 nights due to COLD temps and coughing children, etc. etc. That pretty much sums up the trip to Newport for this years annual Father's Day retreat. It was AWESOME! As you can see, the weather was incredible and even after all that we were still smiling- sort of.
I absolutely LOVE this annu
al trip as it's always more fun to go with such great friends:) The weekend was full of s'mores, sand, surf and was, in spite of the NSF (No Sleep Factor), pretty relaxing to leave the schedule at home for the weekend and just concentrate on playing...and eating:)

The moms enjoyed the beach time (minus the howling wind) as we were able to sit in the sun while the dads and kids played and tried to control the kites in the gale force gusts. As all good Newport tourists should, we visited the aquarium and were pretty shocked/grossed out by a few of their newest residents in the OddWater Exhibit. Chelsea and I agreed that Spider Crabs from Japan were not our deal at all... the kids and guys however, totally loved it. These were SMALL specimens, by the way.

Day 3 took us up the coast a few miles to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Tidepools. The weather was still amazing and made for some great pictures. Too bad you can't photograph WIND as it would give you a much more accurate idea of conditions . We've decided that 2008 will be the year we really break in all that camping gear we've been acquiring and have decided to take Oregon Adventure Weekends all summer long. If you all have any suggestions on great places see here in Oregon, let me know!


Anonymous said...

yes!! i suggest coming to see US in our BOAT IN NEWPORT the next time you're thirty steps away from the marina! which wouldn't have done you any good at this year's trip, as mum (and pop) were attending a funeral for her cousin. DAMMIT. so instead of meeting at the beach ourselves, we all came up to sherwood instead.

but next time! next time.

meliken said...

Oh definitely!! And I remembered your boat was docked in Newport ON THE WAY HOME :( I was so bummed as I for one, and I'm sure our friends as well, would have loved to see it and you!
And of course, sailing/boating is my #1 favorite pastime.
Actually glad to know you weren't around so we didn't really miss anything! We're planning another trip over sometime in July. Is she actually sea worthy?? Geordie might just have to prove his sailing skills to us!

Chelsea said...

Oooh! *GASP* How dare you post such a terrible photo of me! It is almost as bad as the picture of those ghastly crabs....no wait...NOTHING is as gross as those crabs! That picture is a close second though. Hmmm, I am sure I can find a really pretty one of you to post on Facebook....gotta go!