Friday, April 10, 2009

Megan's 8th birthday

Megan turned 8 a few weeks ago and it's taken me this long to post the pictures from the famed event. She'd been planning her birthday party since September (not kidding) and had invited every girl in her class.

They had so much fun and were actually quite manageable. Her friend A. was having a party later that afternoon celebrating Spring Break, so after the birthday party wound down, the girls packed up and headed over to A.'s for facials, mani's and pedi's...Megan then got to come home for her 'evening party' as she called it, which is when grandma and grandpa come over and bring more presents and we all eat cake AGAIN. So we partied, partied, partied and then I took her BACK to A.'s for the slumber part of her party during which the girls made their own Sundae's and watched High School Musical 3. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Three party's in one day may have been too much. She came home and slept almost all afternoon the next day. I wanted to join her. ;)
This is just preliminary partying as she's looking forward to a Paris trip for her 10th. I can't imagine how tiring THAT'S going to be! Good grief!


Anonymous said...

i will not waste my time seething with jealousy over a ten year old who gets to celebrate her b-day in PARIS. when i, in all my 35 years, have never been.


what i *shall* seethe about is the lack of promised kitchen photos, lady! *cracks whip* get to work!

meliken said...

Oh, don't I know. When I turned 10...I think I got a bike...which I thought was a HUGE deal. She's had a love for all things Paris for at least 2 years. Thank goodness for FedEx.

rebecca said...

What I was immediately impressed by in this post were the perfect cupcakes. Those look like the kind you pay $3 for at a little cupcake shop. You amaze me.