Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Batter Up!!!

I'm still catching up to the fact that my baby's five year's old...and now suddenly I find myself in the role of a t-ball mom; helping with concessions, calling teeny tiny kids(whose helmets seem too big for their small heads) up to bat, cheering wildly for a game that isn't scored. I am repeatedly shocked by how quickly time has flown by and occasionally I long for the days of bottles and pacifiers and blankets. And then I come to my senses and hear myself yelling, "RUN, NOAH!! TAG THAT KID OUUUTTT!!!"
It's exciting, I tell ya. Just thrilling. I'm a pretty competitive person by nature and I really have to watch myself at his games so that I don't get TOO obnoxious while still being loud and supportive, which he is still young enough to think is wonderful. In the process, I am learning about baseball, something I had ZERO interest in previously.

*team pictures*

*Coach Josh and Noah having a 'man to man' moment*

Ryan's an assistant coach whenever he's able to get off of work in time for games and practices and is really enjoying the involvement and Noah's having a blast and really likes his coach. It's a great family activity and so fun to get out in the community and see folks we know!
I never thought I'd say this, but there's NOTHING like a warm evening, the smell of hot dogs from the concession stands and a ball game going on...seriously, NOTHING like it....

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Oh my CUTE is he???