Friday, May 29, 2009

She's at it again...

Summer seems to be the one in our family who is always saying things that crack the rest of us up. There's one in every bunch.
Here's a recent conversation that took place in the car on our way across town:

Summer: "Mommy! Look at that bird in the road!!"
- I see it as it flies up onto a telephone wire above us-
Me: "Ooh! Summer, that's a dove. Isn't it pretty?"
Megan: "I thought Dove's were white."
Me: "Not all the time. I had a dove when I was a kid."
At this announcement, all the kids say in varying ways with equal amazement (As if I've just told them that I previously owned a water buffalo), "YOU DID?!"
Me: "Yeah. And mine was grey with a pretty brown band on its neck. But I hated it."
kids: "Why?!"
Me: " Because it cooed ALL the time! Constantly! It never stopped!! It was horrible!!" I start imitating the cooing noises of the bird in question with exaggerated enthusiasm. I hated that bird. Thinking about it still irks me...but, I say "It was like a cooing alarm clock going off day and night! It was terrible!"
And Summer says...

" Well, maybe he wanted you to take the band off!"

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