Friday, April 4, 2008

so, I guess now Im a blogger.

Well, it's official. Hell has frozen over. I'm writing a blog and am sitting here shaking my head at myself in some sort of out of body experience. Why is she doing that???? Somebody stop her!!
And yet- here I am. Ohforpetessake... *this is said with overdramatic role of the eyes*
So fine- here we go.

Captains Log- star date, March 4th- A Deterioration Of All Things Reasonable And Inexpensive:

There is no end to vet bills in this house. Our Scottish Terrier, Bonnie, whelped a litter of 8 puppies on Wednesday morning and had to be taken to the vet this morning for endometritis. She was going septic with uterine infection. Now on antibiotics, and with an expected full recovery, I am left to marvel at the prices of pet health care. We do have a beautiful litter of purebred pups to show for the effort though and Im happy to report that half the litter is already sold, was, in fact, sold before they were born. yay:) No family is complete in my opinion without a Scottie- so it's nice to see such loving families already in line to give them homes.
The kids are completely in love with all 8 puppies and are begging to keep them. Summer especially, who has decided she is going to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
And so now- with supplemental bottle feedings, bedding changes and once-in-a-while-midnight-feedings, it is easy to see why the idea of having more children shocks and repels us. But dang, if they aren't cute!

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